Non-profits have used merchandise fundraising to help them meet their fund raising goals for years. There’s a lot of merchandise fundraising options out there ranging from kitchenware to pizza kits. You can sell candles or cookie dough.  All with a small portion of the profit going to your non-profit.  But how well do any of these fundraising ideas represent your non-profit’s brand?

Finding unique fundraising that represents your brand shouldn’t be so hard.

That is to say that you can get all kinds of things made with your non-profit’s logo on them, right?  Pens, calendars, tee shirts and more are all waiting to be branded and bought by the thousands for you to resell. There’s three problems with this. First, this stuff is literally everywhere! Second, Yo have to buy a ton of it to have any room for profit.  Third, you have to store it, promote it and ship it yourself.

Does this sound like too much investment and too much time taken away from your true calling?

Before you get discouraged, let’s talk about the up side of merchandise fundraisers.  When done well, your merchandise actually increases brand awareness for your non-profit while raising money.

The right merchandising can works like an army of little marketing soldiers.

Its great to attract a larger audience, right? But now you have to  retain those donors and keep them contributing to your cause. Fresh merchandise helps you to do just that.  As an example: picture children everywhere in adorable character tee shirts that coordinate with your non-profit’s original book.  And each shirt has your logo on it.

Branded merchandise is a great way to keep your community of donors engaged long-term, not just in the here-and-now.

Here’s how:

  1. Branded merchandise increases donor contribution options.
  2. Merchandise fundraising solidifies partnerships.
  3. Branded merchandise promotes brand awareness.

Offering branded merchandise serves multiple purposes at the same time. You will raise money for your cause while also supporting your strategy to build relationships with donors.

Most merchandise fundraising programs fall short where’s ours excels.

Most merchandise fundraising programs do not provide enough service and support to make your fundraiser the biggest success it can be.  This is because all they really care about is getting you to sell their stuff so they can make more money.  This also means they will sign up any and every non-profit for their program – saturating the marketplace with their goods.  Saturating the market makes the products even harder to sell.

We actually believe in and support non-profits.  Our team creating original and exclusive merchandise for each non-profit we represent.  That means no other non-profit will be able to offer your designs.  This eliminates the saturated marketplace obstacle.

Our program is built a better specifically for non-profits.

Most branded merchandise companies are not designed to help non-profits.  They really create branded items for corporate gift giving and promotion.  We built our entire company specifically to help non-profits.  How do we help?  Take a look:

  • Creation of truly original merchandise to sell
  • We participate in marketing efforts along side your non-profit
  • We handle all the order processing and shipping

No Investment and No Inventory Required

While some of our non-profits choose to purchase inventory to have available at their locations, it’s not required.  As a matter of fact – no investment is required at all.  Your non-profit doesn’t even have to pay design fees. So, you do not have to put any of your own resources at risk to participate.

The mystery of unique, year round, merchandise fundraising is solved.

With no investment required you’ll get a team of product designers who will help you achieve fresh merchandise offerings year round.  You won’t have to even think about where to get your next creative product to sell.  You’ll want to come straight to us.

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