Your non-profit should be building visibility and increasing its donor base.

But how do you increase awareness while struggling to make ends meet? Are you too busy pounding the pavement – scratching and clawing for donations? We help great non-profits to raise money AND increase awareness at the same time.

Finding creative non-profit fund raising ideas feels hard!  But we make it easy.

Especially when you need to choose something that actually earns your organization money without being too spammy. You need creative, attention-grabbing fund raising answers that won’t require a lot of your own time to execute. After all, you need to focus on your mission, the last thing you need is fund raising headaches.

When fear strikes… “I don’t have time to plan a fundraiser, I barely have time for lunch”… Take a deep breath. We’re your fund raising hero!

We put ourselves out there for your cause. We invest the time and creativity to help your organization as if it’s our own. Our goal – the creation of year round fund raising that is original and branded. We don’t replace fund raising that is already working for your non-profit – we add to it.

  • Exclusive Children’s Books
  • Branded Merchandise
  • TV Program Participation

We turn YOUR most moving stories into children’s books and merchandise that people love!

We are the only publisher dedicated to creating non-profit  fundraising opportunities through exclusive children’s books. We are Treehouse Publishing Group, located in Tennessee USA. It is our mission to turn Your organization’s most inspiring and educating stories into children’s books and merchandise that raise money for YOUR non-profit.

Children will learn so many valuable lessons from your non-profit’s stories. Together we can change the future.

Our aim is to use children’s books to raise up the next generation wiser, more empathetic and more dedicated to positive change so that the leaders of the future will make better legislation in issues ranging from animal welfare to poverty.

You’re Wondering How Much It Costs, Right?

Picture one of your organization’s experiences or program goals as a children’s book.  I bet you can!  After all, you wouldn’t have read this far down the page if you weren’t inspired by our program.  However, you probably think its going to be expensive. Right?  What if we told you that there is no required investment?  That’s right, your organization does not have to purchase anything.

We Have A Risk Free Guarantee

Our confidence is one of the most compelling reasons to sign up for our program. We believe in our products and our program so much that your non-profit can enjoy a RISK FREE – INVESTMENT FREE opportunity.  That’s right, we don’t get paid unless your books and merchandise sell.

Now you’re thinking it’s a lot of work.  There’s writing, art, production, selling, shipping… and you already have too much to do. Right?

This time you are right!  Creating an original book is work and its does take time – our time.  We do all the heavy lifting, turning your notes and idea into YOUR story.  We provide drafts along the way so you can tell us what you think.  And we don’t publish it until you are happy with the finished product.

Short handed with no time to sell something?

We become part of your team! We work with you, your volunteers and support network to achieve your fund raising goals.  This way you never feel alone and you get to eat your lunch.

We help with all of this and more…

  • Video Book Trailers
  • Social Media Banners and Posting
  • Award Submissions for Your Book
  • Order Fulfillment

How many hands are needed to process orders?

None.  That’s right none of your hands or your volunteers hands are required to process orders.  Our pack and ship program will handle everything.

The only question left to ask yourself right now is…

Why haven’t you contacted us to sign up?


What Our Non-Profit Clients Say

They give you the benefit of their professional guidance on everything from story content to marketing and publicity.  Everything we needed to create an exclusive fundraising product.  They guided us step-by-step through the process so we never felt lost. – Rick M.

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With most non-profits our goal is to tell YOUR story. This means we are creating an original and exclusive story for your cause. Its often a true story - an experience your non-profit has lived and wants to share to increase awareness about what you do.
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