Mildred’s Mouse

Mildred’s Mouse is our cat lover’s children’s books series.  Mildred is a happily retired elderly cat.  She lives peacefully alone in her cottage.  She’s accepting of her quiet and comfortable life.  Until, one day, an unexpected house guest arrives. A Mouse!  A mouse who fills her life with excitement and love.

Book #1: Mildred’s Mouse

Having lived her days to the fullest, Mildred thinks she has everything she needs in life. She has plenty of food, a lovely home, and – of course – lots of pillows to sleep on! So what is Mildred really missing? Find out in this touching tale of fateful meetings, helping paws, and unlikely friendships.

Lessons & Morals:

Mildred and her friend Mouse teach children about friendship, sharing, and embracing differences.

Reading Level: Newborn Picture Book, recommended for ages up to 5. Good for early readers.

educational children's book - Cover Mildred's Mouse

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