Our Mission…

Simply put, our goal is to transform the true stories of non-profits into attention-grabbing opportunities for exclusive fundraising and increasing awareness.  We turn non-profit success stories and educational messages into exclusive children’s books and merchandise.  Our products raise money for these causes while teaching children important skills and fostering their understanding of the complex world around them.

What We’re All About

We’re an independent publishing company dedicated to the creation and distribution of Exclusive & Inspiring stories and character merchandise that’s available only under our publishing label.

We’re dedicated to providing America’s youth with Skill Building Educational Content via our Digital and Printed Books.

And, because we love “All God’s Creatures” (including mankind) we include the Amazing Stories of Non-Profits as a tribute to the awesome work they do.  These stories are not only educational and inspiring – they also raise money for the causes they represent.

Located in Tennessee, USA we’re committed to providing awesome children’s merchandise that is Made In USA while still considering world views.

Treehouse Toons


Mascot & Hostess

Tessa the Toucan is our company mascot and the hostess of our Read Together Theater on Beanstalk TV.

educational children's book publishing company founder


Founder, Program Director

Fearless Leader

AJ is an award winning artist and children’s book illustrator.  She loves ALL GOD’S CREATIONS – its aa love that compels her to support the great work of non-profits everywhere.





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Writer | Editor

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