You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!  You may find the answers you seek in our FAQ, or just drop us a message for friendly person to person assistance.

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Shop Related Questions


We’re open for business.  Like most small businesses, we face some challenges related to being under staffed or supply chain issues.  If you have questions about products or services we’re providing to you just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

All garments are NEW.  We are shipping them in extra sealed plastic inside of their outer shipping packaging to insure that products arrive without exposure to the pandemic while in route.

We have a small, friendly and very cooperative staff.  This is to say that we all are attentive and deliberate in our efforts to maintain a safe environment here so that our goods can be received with confidence.

If our have any questions about our process please contact us.


Some products are out of stock.  Some are also on PREORDER status.  Preorder products are products we’re finishing production on and expect to have ready for shipment soon.  Both out-of-stock and preorder items will ship as they become available.

All “in stock” items ship within 3 business days of purchase (often shipping within 24-hours is ordered on a weekday.  If we have questions or concerns about your order we will email you.


We primarily use USPS.  Presently they are experiencing some delays due to the pandemic and holiday volume.  We are not responsible for USPS delays.  However, we do our best to get products to their destinations quickly AND we do provide tracking numbers for ever parcel.

Help For Non-Profits

Exclusive Book Fundraising

We are the only publisher of our kind, offering exclusive children’s books that tell YOUR non-profit’s story while raising money for your organization.

No two book projects are exactly the same.  That said, the best way to understand our program and how your organization can benefit from participating is to start a dialog with us.  We’re real people and we like to treat our clients like real people.  Send us a message today.

How Long Does It Take

Because each book is unique creation time varies.  We have finished an original book in as little as 6 weeks or taken as long as 6 months.

Sometimes an organization needs fundraising opportunities and cannot wait for the book to be finished.  In this case, just let us know.  We have lots of great ideas and merchandise we can customize for your cause without you needing to invest in inventory.

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