Broadway Stray Series

Starring La’Ti, Broadway Stray is a series of original picture books series for reluctant young readers.  In this series La’Ti will travel the world, visiting and sharing famous places with your child while also teaching him/her self esteem, inner strength and faith in ones self.  Together, we’ll learn that La’Ti (sing it with me, “do re me fa so La Ti“) is an exceptional dog.  What’s more is that La’Ti teaches children that we’re all exceptional in some way.

Book #1 “Broadway Stray”

Its the introduction, the beginning of our star’s life. When her family cannot keep them, a litter of puppies are left out on the city streets to fend for themselves. One by one they get carted off to homes… all except for one. Left all alone, how will La’Ti survive? Read and find out in this rags to riches puppy dog’s tale.

Lessons & Morals:

This title focuses on faith, determination and self esteem. Children will recognize and identify with the idea of an exceptional individual being overlooked.

Reading Level: Children’s Picture Book, recommended for ages up to 8

Broadway Stray kids book series

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